Hello friends, if you have ever formed any type of storage device in your computers like Pen drive or memory card, while formatting, you may have seen many options like FAT, FAT32, NTFS, etc. which you might have been confused by seeing What are these, friends, these are what we call the file system. These are different types of file systems. If you do not know what the file system is, then keep reading this post because we talk about it in this. We will know what it is and how it works… So let’s know about it without wasting time.

What is a file system? What is file system?

The File System, sometimes also referred to as FS or filesystem .., is called the way to store and organize a file in any storage device such as a pen drive, memory card, hard disk, CD drive, etc. The file system can also be considered as a database where the files storage device is organized somewhere at a physical location (or in the sector).

This data or file is kept inside a directory or also called as Folder. A folder can be kept inside it and other folders can be seen as an example of this. Our devices store data in a similar way where But files and folders are contained in a hierarchical structure or which we can also call tree structure.

Anywhere computer or any other electronic device is storing data, then understand that some kind of file system is being used on Baha like your PC, Mobile Phone, Memory card, even CCTV installed at the intersection. Camera too.

Nowadays, we get to see many types of file systems, some are old, some are new and some are also new but most of them are popular file systems: – FAT (FAT16, FAT32), exFAT, NTFS, ext4 (journaling file system).

Types of File System

By the way, many file systems are currently available, but here we will learn about some important file systems ..,

1. FAT

The full name of FAT is File Allocation Table This is a very old file system, so far many different versions have come up like FAT12, FAT16, and FAT32. It is a very popular file system which we use even today as our memory card etc. It provides a fairly old and very few abilities.

Some important things –

The FAT file system is a fairly limited file system, in which if we talk about the FAT file system that is used nowadays, then we will also get quite limited features like –

You cannot compress nor encrypt files in the FAT32 file system.

You cannot keep a file larger than 4GB in the FAT32 file system, ie if there is only one file that is more than 4GB, then you cannot keep it in it.

But the FAT32 file system can be converted to NTFS. The FAT32 file system is recommended only if our storage device is smaller than 8GB such as a memory card.


NTFS stands for New Technology File System developed by Microsoft for Windows. It is a new-age file system that comes by default in every version of Windows since Windows NT 3,1, especially for Windows only. Has been created which provides us with many abilities such as encrypting files.

Some important things –

  • This is the Default File System of Windows.
  • However, if your memory card or pen drive is the format in NTFS and you are thinking of using it on your Android device then you will not be able to do it because Android does not support it.
  • NTFS is a very popular file system.
  • The NTFS File Size limit is up to 16 TeraBytes.
  • File encryption and compression is possible in this.

3. exFAT

exFAT (Estate) i.e. Extended File Allocation Table is the most advanced and new file system for our devices so far, which is supported by every operating system that is mostly used, it is a very advance version of the FAT file system and quite It is ahead of NTFS in things, it was launched by Microsoft in 2006.

Some important things –

  • It is supported by almost every operating system like Linux, Windows, macOS, Android, etc.
  • It has a file size limit of up to 16EiB (Exbi Byte).
  • It is mostly used for Flash storage devices.
  • This is the Cross-Platform.

How does File System Work?

The file system in a computer or any device has some set of rules, the rules of which we can keep files in that storage device, but not only that, the filesystem also has many different functions and they also have their own limitations. it occurs.

For a File System, the file disk is an array (array) of blocks which contains some other metadata in addition to the data of the file, here the function of the file system is to use the metadata associated with the block. Find another block and complete and associate the file.

Friends, in this article we talked about what is File System? FAT, FAT 32, exFat, and NTFS? about. We sincerely hope that you have liked this article written by us and have learned a lot about what the File System is. We gathered information from many places to write this article, but then


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